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... Sound as Experience

Sound can be many things, it can be music, language, noises.  At its core being it is simply vibration, sometimes audible and other times not. Sound has an unbounded potential to be experienced in many shapes and forms, so we choose to explore this part of it. A sound experience/sound immersion, simply put, is what it says, you are literally immersed in sound. But there’s more to it, a sound experience champions the ambiguity that may unfold within you, where sound is a mere enhancer of whatever you may experience in your use with it. 

So what exactly happens in a sound experience?



Making The World Sound
Sound For Life

At Resonance we promote Sound as a way to develop daily meditative time, turned off from technology, a chance to pause, listen, feel our body and our thoughts. It is this mind-body connection that is often lost because we operate most of our day in the visual cortex.  But by closing our eyes and opening our ears, we can create a new relationship between the mind and the body. Sound has an adaptogenic quality, the meditative states it creates can be used to enrich many different therapeutic practices. These sonic meditative states increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning. These types of benefits are invaluable to anyone suffering from stress or injury. Sound can be a very effective way to assist relief for someone who is recovering, taking medication, or suffering from PTSD. The methods we have developed at Resonance are based in a new approach to listening, how and why we listen.


  • Sound For Veterans

  • Sound For Prisons and Correctional Officers 

  • Sound in Hospice

  • Sound in assisting Cancer Therapy and Radiation

  • Sound as Integrative Medicine 

  • Sound in Schools 


 A Look At What's Happening In The Sound World
Sound as a Movement

Sound has cultivated special sensory experiences throughout the span of human history. From caves to cathedrals to modern day spatial sound systems, sound has played a crucial role in expanding the understanding of what it meant to be alive. Today, sound is being re-thought and re-discovered in the fields of science and medicine. We are standing on the precipice of a new type of exchange of information and learning; where science, medicine, and art converge. As we look to lifestyle, health and wellness, and preventative modalities to enhance our world, sound has a crucial role to play. 

Vibration is at the heart of life, with science and other modalities displaying how everything is always in constant motion.

A way to engage the senses in a sonic way, revealing the whole through the one.
Our Team

Our team’s focus is on creating new acoustic instruments and protocols for facilitating the above. Instruments are also designed so most anyone is able to learn quickly how to make the sounds and share the beauty of harmony with another.  We deliver group experiences of resonance based on tuning systems that organize the harmonic series in deeply coherent families of tones. We involve the proven principles of natural reverberation and surround sound for richer experience.  Join us and our partners in helping facilitate a re-tuning of the world.

"The sound was bringing a very silent effect, a calming effect. Not a dead silence but an alive silence, like I was in deep sleep but aware I was sleeping."


Spaces of Stillness, Peace, and Connection


Sound has had a long marriage with its environment that’s constantly demonstrated in the history of many ancient civilizations. Time after time, they have demonstrated sonic sensitivity in their architecture. The purpose was in service of building spaces for feeling and experiencing deep, resonant sound.

Our 3D spaces are designed to enshrine sound as a space in and of itself.  Whether it is in your home living space or in and around your work space, we consider the sonic atmosphere that we live and breathe in. There is a kind of reverence that comes from being in a sonic space, a kind of clarity and peace.  We imagine this attention to detail as a service to our city centers and communities in general. We feel that resonant spaces facilitate resonant community. As the future of cities become quieter due to the advancements in technology, we have an opportunity to truly consider sound as part of the equation.  And due to the advents of automation and as we gain more free creative time, there will be great value in using sound to benefit our lives. 

Currently, to have time aside where we are not always interfacing with a mobile device or an email, is required for healthy living. More is often less, and infinite choice can be overwhelming. The magic of listening brings us closer to the core of life. The Resonance Instruments can instantaneously create an aural micro-environment where the sound waves can encapsulate you and a friend in their beauty, and we hope to build upon a bright future.

We believe every living space should consider sound as an integral part of its utility.   


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