Sound as Sanctuary


Sound has had a long marriage with its environment that’s constantly demonstrated in the history of many ancient civilizations. Time after time, they have demonstrated sonic sensitivity in their architecture. The purpose was in service of building spaces for feeling and experiencing deep, resonant sound.

Our 3D spaces are designed to enshrine sound as a space in and of itself.  Whether it is in your home living space or in and around your work space, we consider the sonic atmosphere that we live and breathe in. There is a kind of reverence that comes from being in a sonic space, a kind of clarity and peace.  We imagine this attention to detail as a service to our city centers and communities in general. We feel that resonant spaces facilitate resonant community. As the future of cities become quieter due to the advancements in technology, we have an opportunity to truly consider sound as part of the equation.  And due to the advents of automation and as we gain more free creative time, there will be great value in using sound to benefit our lives. 

Currently, to have time aside where we are not always interfacing with a mobile device or an email, is required for healthy living. More is often less, and infinite choice can be overwhelming. The magic of listening brings us closer to the core of life. The Resonance Instruments can instantaneously create an aural micro-environment where the sound waves can encapsulate you and a friend in their beauty, and we hope to build upon a bright future.

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