Resonance Group 501c3 has received this unique instrument as a gift from Alan Tower in order to support our mission:

Elevating the human spirit by connecting with sound as a force of nature

 Historic First of its Kind Hang

& Triple Hang Altar


Tower signed a contract with PanArt in 2007 to not personally sell the instrument to anyone, but instead back to PanArt. So instead he has gifted us to help our work developing Sound Sanctuary's & Gardens of Sound for

expanding human awareness.  We are grateful!

2005 D Harmonic Minor -

D Ding - A Bb C# D E F G A

First D Centered Hang to be made by PanArt. All PanArt Hang instruments from then on were in crafted in D.

D Hang.jpg

The Story 

In 2004 Alan asked Felix Rohner and Sabina Scherer to make me a custom Hang with D Ding to go with his 2003 D Harmonic minor with A Ding.  Up to that time there had not been a Hang with a low D Ding.  They were unsure it could work due to the stress on the shell but gave it a try.  He picked it up at the Hang Out in Bern in 2005.  It was voted the top instrument there in a poll of the 80 participants at the Hangout.


All Hanghang after ended up being made with a D Ding so it became the seminal PanArt instrument. It is actually the second one as the initial prototype did not sound as good as desired. This one is excellent and found its way onto many CD recordings and was used in  special venues including the bay area Green Music Network's Cave Concert Series from 2002-2007. In the mid 2000's Hemi-Sync/Monroe Products created a binaural beat album, Emergence, based on recordings of this instrument and has been a best seller for them.

Alan wrote to us:  "I love this instrument and due to an injury am not able to play hand instruments at my previous level and want it to go to a special home."

Some people in the know think it should go to a musical instrument museum, but that means it might go behind glass.  Resonance Group rather have it be played for the rest of its life.

AUCTION OR Direct Sale??

   Its quality and seminal lineage suggest a 75,000 instrument. 35,000 is the asking price. Includes original PanArt case, protective shell and a Concert film spotlighting the instrument. Shipping price included.

       Email  ????????
if interested/David or Lauren

The Triple Hang Altar waiting for a 2004 Cave Concert to start

Triple Hang Altar

The Hang Altar was crafted by Orion Frederick in San Francisco to hold three instruments so I would be able to modulate between key centers.    It has a metal spiral at the bottom and is very stable due to the bottom heavy metal base. This original blown glass element is designed for candlelight and adjusts to different heights.

Price:  1,050 or best offer

The base of the Triple Hang Altar


The article here, Sound and Beauty, reveals some of the history of this D Harmonic minor instrument