Sound as Experience

This varies highly from person to person, with a general sense of relaxation being a commonality. Experiences have varied from highly reverent, to deeply self-explorative, to provocative and challenging. People have said to have experienced moments of clarity and the divine, while others felt uneasy or triggered. Above all, sound can act as a still point within the motion of the world. A moment to breathe as you tune in to a timeless listening. A sound immersion is a chance to validate understanding beyond the mind, purely through experiential apparatus. Our specially designed Resonance Instruments, paired with our protocols, call forth from mathematics and musical psychology, a deep presence and awareness in the sound immersion. Some have even described the fullness of a sound immersion as “…not sound in a space but rather the sound IS the space, it doesn’t feel like I’m listening TO something but rather I am being fully enveloped by it from every direction.”

We call forth the unpredictability of raw sound to draw in our listening and stimulate our awareness. 

“it is an activity that travels through time while simultaneously feeling like it removes you from it”


Experience being inside the sound of clay, listening to its primordial flavor. Lay between vibrating stones whose tones predate our ears. Bask in sonic oceans of harmony and drift in the vastness of beryllium copper’s song. Ease into the sounds of stillness and let go into the timelessness of deep listening. Travel through nature with the sounds of the wind. Discover how sound is innate in all of us, core to our existence and participate with playing the Innate harmony instruments and investigating your own voice while building harmony with others.

Sound Share

The innate harmony instruments can be liberated from the construct of musician and listeners, players to receivers, performers and audience. 

The principle of human connection within the Resonance ethos, is that it strays from the general performer/audience dynamic that dominates most of what we think of music today. Our instruments build upon a collaborative co-creative experience in which the listener and the producer are both integral parts of the equation. These instruments are designed to be “Innate” meaning you can quickly learn to play them in order to partake in a “sound share”, which is to share the beauty of sound with one another and ultimately share the harmony of the world

The art of listening. 

Ultimately our work is in efforts of providing new lenses in the way we listen to the world, both literally but also symbolically. The deeper and more embodied you become in your listening, the more you can hear the symphony of life that is constantly playing around you.  Sound experiences are in service of having impactful experiences that can be taken as a perspective to contribute to your life. An art of listening to discover life’s fine details.